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What is contactless pickup & delivery?

It is not necessary for you to be home when we pickup and deliver.  If you are home or we deliver to a business, no contact is necessary for your safety and that of your delivery specialist.  Laundry is left in the designated area you decide by 8am.  Your fresh, clean clothes are delivered to the area you designate, typically a hook on your door.

Are delivery vehicles cleaned regularly?

Delivery vans are disinfected daily with protection lasting 24 hours.

What other measures do delivery drivers take to keep me safe?

Our drivers strive to build relationships with our customers to provide customized care.  Please notify us if you wish to change your instructions to accommodate the current COVID-19 situation.  All drivers will be wearing masks and gloves.

What happens when I visit a store location?

We offer many drive thru locations where you can stay safely in your car.  We also offer a feature called “On My Way” through the Orlando Cleaners app which allows you to alert the store you will be arriving shortly to pick up your orders.  This minimizes time and no contact is necessary.

Why is professional laundering and drycleaning beneficial?

The elevated temperatures achievable in steam-operated commercial equipment at professional facilities inactivates microbes and viruses on garments, bedding, comforters, first responder uniforms etc.  For this reason, legislators across the US and world have deemed professional launderers and drycleaners essential services in this time of business restriction.

List of Essential Services – Hygiene Products and Services

Our dryers reach temperatures of over 158 degrees and presses reach over 300 degrees.

What is the most effective method of drycleaning to deal with COVID-19?

The Green Earth drycleaning process is gentle on clothes and skin but allows for the highest drying tempurature sustained for more than 30 minutes.  This process allows for thermal deactivation of bacteria and virus microbes.

Green Earth effect on coronavirus

What advanced cleaning systems are utilized in sanitizing and disinfection?

We use a variety of cleaning systems to not only clean your garments and household items but also provide thermal deactivation, chemical deactivation or both of bacteria and viruses.  The result is due to a combination of the product(s), time of use and temperature.  Our laundry sanitizers are EPA approved and reduce bacterial count by 99.9%.

We now have a new process available that achieves disinfection through the use of an EPA registered virucidal/antimicrobial effective against the human coronavirus.  Additional time may be required for this process.

What measures are being taken in stores to provide a safe and clean environment?

We are disinfecting daily with a product that provides 24 hour virus protection.  In addition, our team members are cleaning the environment throughout the day including all hard surfaces, door handles, credit card key pads and even garment sorting carts and bins.