Wash and Fold ServicesAt Orlando Cleaners, We know all about laundry, especially how much time it takes to fold!

Busy Parents and professionals are finding themselves doing more laundry than every before. Let Orlando Cleaners “Take A Load Off” from your weekend laundry chores, with our new “exclusive” wash-dry-fold service plans. No more by the pound pricing surprises. You control what you spend when you sign up for our By The bag or Subscription service plans. 

Enjoy the convenience of having your laundry professionally cleaned by Orlando Cleaners.

Take A Load Off and RELAX. 



What is WDF?

WDF is an abbreviation for wash-dry-fold garments. These are garments that are usually washed and dried at home. These garments do not need to be pressed to be worn, i.e. socks, underwear, tee shirts, jeans, athletic garments, weekend wear, sheets, towels.

How are my garments washed?

Garments are washed in net bags to keep your garments together and to prolong garment life. We use cold water to protect colors from fading, however garments are not presorted according to color (ie separating lights and darks).

Will my garments be pretreated?

Many spots will come out during regular cleaning. The Wash-Dry-Fold process does not include pre-treating garments or other special handling.  We have other services available for special garment needs. Please ask a team member for more information.

Do you use a special soap and softener?

We use hypoallergenic antibacterial soaps and softeners formulated to protect colors.  Our advanced laundry system includes Endex-99, an EPA registered virucidal/antimicrobial effective against the human coronavirus.  The softener has a light fresh smell.

Are my garments SANITIZED?

Our Advanced Laundry System sanitizes and disinfects using thermal deactivation and EPA approved Endex- 99 that KILLS 99.9% of COVID 19 & OTHER BACTERIA & VIRUSES!

How are my garments dried?

Garments are dried loose in temperature controlled dryers to avoid overheating and minimize shrinkage.

Will my garments be counted and inspected prior to cleaning?

We are relying on you to ensure everything you give us to wash is washable. If it’s in the bag it will be washed, dried and folded. Due to the nature of WDF, each item is not counted and uniquely identified as with other services we provide. Garments are washed & dried in net bags to ensure they stay together.

What is the turnaround time?

In-store: Standard turnaround for By the Bag and Subscription service customers is 2 days, excluding weekends.

Pickup & Delivery: This service is available on your regularly scheduled route days.

How are my garments folded?

Clean garments will be folded and grouped by male, female and children’s items.

How are my cleaned garments returned?

Garments in the By the Pound program are wrapped in paper and tied with string.  Garments in the By the Bag or other subscription program will be placed back into the “Take a Load Off” reusable wash and fold bag.

How will I know when my garments are ready?

We provide Order Ready Notifications via the email address you have placed on file for store pickup orders.  We will take care of delivering ready orders for home pickup and delivery customers on the regular schedule.

How about special items such as blankets, bedspreads or comforters and pillows?

The items are part of our Household cleaning service and are charged on an individual item basis.  They are not included in the WDF program.

What if I have garments that require special cleaning?

The WDF service is very specific.  Your items will be washed, dried and folded. Any garments requiring special care should be sent in separated from WDF and we will use the appropriate cleaning method such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand washing, shirt laundry or leather cleaning as needed.  Some items may require spot removal by our skilled technicians.  If is always best to identify the items you wish to undergo spot removal.

Are dry cleaning and laundered shirts included?

Dry Cleaning and Laundered Shirts require a different cleaning and finishing method.  They also receive hand and machine finishing because they require a crisp appearance.  These garments are individually priced.  WDF garments are ones that are washed, dried and folded without being pressed.

How much do you charge for WDF?

We offer the option of WDF by the pound at $2.99 per pound for occasional use.  In addition, we are pleased to offer a By the Bag price as well as three subscription plans which afford greater value based on how much laundry is generated in your home.   Did you know that one person creates approximately 20 lbs. of WDF laundry per week? Please see our WDF page to see the savings offered by each plan. These WDF plans are for residential customers.  Commercial accounts are priced and handled differently due to unique cleaning needs of various businesses.

Is there a charge for going over the 5 or 10 bag/month limit?

While the plans were designed to be easy to determine which one is right for you, there may be times when your laundry exceeds the plan limits on the subscription you chose.  It will be our pleasure to extend a 50% discount on regular by the pound pricing ($2.99/lb.) for all overages during the subscription month.  You can adjust your plan for the next month if needed by notifying us at least 2 days before your subscription renewal date.

How many garments does the " Take A Load Off.®" WDF bag hold?

The ” Take A Load Off.®” WDF bag holds approx. 3 loads of clothes, or 1 weeks’ worth of laundry.

Is there a charge for the " Take A Load Off.®" WDF bag?

“Take a Load Off” bags are a high-quality, reusable garment bags in a generous size specifically designed for the By the Bag and subscription programs.  There is a bag deposit which may be credited to your store account when bags are returned in good condition.   We reserve the right to conduct introductory offers where we may provide the first bag free to subscription members.

Why do I need to purchase your " Take A Load Off.®" WDF bag?

Our WDF bags are designed to simplify your life by providing a convenient way to transport your garments, provide a standard unit of measurement and keep your clean garments protected and neatly folded.

How do I pay for By the Pound or By the Bag service?

By the Pound WDF is paid for at pickup using any payment method we accept.  By the bag and subscription services require a credit card on file for payment.  Pickup and delivery route customers already have a credit card on file.  Subscription plans are charged upon start of participation.  By the Pound is charged upon delivery.  We will charge your account on the 30 day anniversary of your sign up date for your next month of subscription service.

How do I sign up for By The Bag or Subscription service?

We have several ways to sign up for subscription service.  If you currently visit one of our stores for service, our store team members are able to help you become a subscription member or visit wdf.orlandocleaners.com.  If you are currently experiencing the convenience of our pickup and delivery route service or would like to, visit us at wdf.orlandocleaners.com  We will contact you within two business days to set up the membership that is right for you.  Pickup and delivery requires address to be located within our current service area.

Is there a contract for Subscription service?

Subscription service plans are for 30 days with auto-renewal on the 30th day to continue service.  There are no contracts, but a 2 day notice before the new 30 day period begins is required for cancellation or change to a different plan to ensure there is enough time to complete the administrative process.

How do I switch or cancel a service plan?

If the plan you initially selected does not suit your needs, you can cancel or change your plan 2 days before the 30 day anniversary of your sign up date.  We are sorry but no refunds will be issued for partially or completely unused laundry plans.

How do I get a refund?

Sorry, but no refunds will be issued for partially or completely unused laundry plans.

How long are the Subscription service plans?

The Subscription service plans are for 30 days with auto renewal on 30 day anniversary of your sign up date.

Can I combine my laundry plan with other discounts?

Our WDF plans are already such a great deal that they cannot be combined with any other offers.  Discounts for other service types such as dry cleaning, household items, etc. may be offered from time to time but will only apply to the intended service.

If I am "Set Up" as a route customer, can I continue to drop off and pick up at the store?

For your convenience, you can visit our stores, use pickup and delivery route service or BOTH.  You have the option to choose depending on your needs.  Some conditions apply to route service including payment terms, service area requirements and pickup and delivery schedule.

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