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Why deal with the hassle of doing laundry when you can have our industry experts do it for you? We’ll separate whites and colors before washing so you can literally “take a load off.” We neatly fold and package your items in Kraft paper for easy pick up and so you can put them away faster.

What is WDF?

WDF is an abbreviation for wash-dry-fold garments. Typically these are garments that are usually washed and dried at home. These garments do not need to be pressed to be worn, i.e. socks, underwear, tee shirts, jeans, athletic garments, weekend wear, sheets, towels.

What is “one week’s worth of WDF laundry?”

The amount of clothes that you would wash on any given laundry day. This offer is valid for one store  drop off  or one home pickup during this promotion which expires 5/22/20. One offer valid per family/address. Coupon cannot be used multiple times.

Will my garments be pretreated?

Garments will not be pretreated.

Will my garments be counted and inspected prior to cleaning?

Due to the nature of WDF, each item is not counted and uniquely identified as with other services we provide.We are counting on you to ensure everything you give us to wash is washable as care labels are not checked for WDF.  If it’s in the bag it will be washed, dried and folded. Garments are washed in net bags and individually dried to protect against lost garments

What is the turnaround time?

3 working days.

How are my garments washed?

We follow best practices for cleaning all Wash & Fold orders we receive. OC will sort light and dark garments into net bags. Light/white colored garments are washed in net bags in warm water with non chlorine bleach. Dark colors garments are washed in net bags in cold water. OC not responsible for bleeding of colors. Garments washed in net bags to keep customers garments together and minimize excess agitation to prolong garment life.

Do you use a special soap and softener?

We use hypoallergenic antibacterial soaps and softeners formulated to protect colors. Cleaning agents are injected into each wash load to insure consistency and accuracy. The softener that is being used has a slight fresh smell.

How are my garments dried?

Garments are dried loose in temperature controlled dryers to avoid overheating and minimize shrinkage.

Are my garments SANITIZED?

Our Laundry process uses thermal deactivation to sanitize your garments.

How are my garments folded?

Clean garments will be folded and grouped by male-female- and small child.

How are my cleaned garments returned?

Garments are returned in paper wrapped packages.

How will I know when my garments are ready?

We provide Order Ready Notifications via the email address you have on-file.

Industry Experts

  • We offer pick up and delivery services at homes and businesses.
  • We offer same day service five days a week.
  • We offer one-stop convenience for garment care, tailoring, and shoe repair services.

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