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  1. How to Organize and Store Holiday Décor

    Isn’t the holiday season amazing? It’s so much fun to trim the tree and festoon all the surfaces in your home with festive décor! Putting all those bits and baubles away, though, is not as entertaining. In fact, the task can seem overwhelming as you decide what to do with it all. Here, we offer…

  2. The Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair Around the House

    Pets add so much to our lives. The love they give is immeasurable, their devotion is unending, and the pet hair, well, it’s pretty much everywhere. It’s on your clothes, your furniture, your floor, and maybe even in your car! How can you efficiently remove pet hair from around your house without removing your beloved…

  3. Preparing Your Home For The Holidays

    Whether your guests are staying just for the day or will be overnight visitors, this holiday checklist will help make your home as inviting and comfortable as possible. Entrance Make sure walkways and porches are free of ice and snow. Taking someone to the emergency room because of a fall is not the way you…

  4. 5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Summer | Rug Cleaning Orlando FL

    Once spring cleaning is done, you’ve probably put the bleach away and your area rugs have been cleaned by a professional rug cleaner. Now that the temperature is rising, it’s time to get the home ready to enjoy in warm weather!